Whether you’re seeking a skilled tattoo artist to bring your unique vision to life or you’re in the mood for a simple, spontaneous tattoo, One Love Tattoo Prague has got you covered. We specialize mostly in traditional vintage style, but every artist has a unique perspective and approach to their craft, allowing them to create custom designs that accurately represent our clients’ visions. Explore our artist profiles below to find the perfect match for your next tattoo!

  • Tarlito


  • Scott Ellis

    Scott Ellis

  • Piettro Torchio

    Piettro Torchio

  • Petra Brkić

    Petra Brkić

  • Ondra Bauer

    Ondra Bauer

  • Michel Canale

    Michel Canale

  • Dario Kristoffersen

    Dario Kristoffersen

  • Alan Crisogano

    Alan Crisogano

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