Custom-designed racing helmet by Tarlito

one project realized thanks to Tarlito, B2 Design, R.S. and One Love Tattoo

Závodní helma B2design Tarlito

Our dear friend Roman S., who happens to be a loyal customer of One Love Tattoo, had a brilliant idea of creating a custom-designed racing helmet for himself. Being a fan of ROOSTERS, Roman approached Tarlito and requested his assistance in bringing his vision to life. He gave Tarlito complete creative freedom, and was open to any design that he could come up with.

Racing is a dangerous sport with a fine line between life and death. However, our friend Roman S. feels at ease in this thrilling environment. He recently requested a custom-designed racing helmet with a ROOSTER motif, inspired by their fearlessness.

As he stated,

“Roosters scare the death.”

Roman’s bold choice can serve as inspiration for those seeking a daring design for their own racing helmet.

Závodní helma B2design Tarlito
Závodní helma B2design Tarlito

The Czech company B2design, known for their exceptional work in the industry, transferred and airbrushed the final drawing onto Roman’s custom-designed racing helmet. B2design prides themselves on their great attention to detail and commitment to producing high-quality products. Their philosophy centers around the client’s creative vision, with the company acting as a mediator to bring their ideas to life. With this approach, B2design ensures that the final work is a true reflection of the client’s original concept. Trust B2design to elevate your custom helmet design to the next level.

Racing Helmet  Závodní helma B2design Tarlito

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